Taking Flight


Second by second with ever changing light, so fast and slight these feelings take flight. Come and stay for more than just a night. I hear my mind mumble ever so quite and then it comes back, enticed like dynamite! Movement of grace and beauty; I’m speechless with ease. But whoever shall know the next time it flees.


Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Fly my way through the sky like a pretty butterfly.
I float and flutter up high where no one can reach me.
I am the pretty butterfly, astray from those below.
I wish to visit and stay awhile but I always end up the same place that I started.
I oversee how other can be from this place I go.
I no longer want to a play a part in this environmental role.
So I fly my way into the sky, astray from those below.

My Mind Keeps Spinning

My mind keeps going like the second hand on the clock, it can’t seem to stop

Lots on my mind of dread and doubt keep spinning about

Visualize what my day is like…

Worry and panic are pretty much the same, so now along come hopelessness and depression

What the fuck!?

My life’s collapsing, my minds going numb, everything’s a blur just losing control

Can’t you see this wasn’t meant to be

My mind keeps spinning on and on

Imagine what a week would be like going through this hell